Fleet Expansion

After the successful introduction of LPG/C Gale in 2021 (3500 cbm, pressurized), Chemgas took delivery of sister vessel Ghibli in June 2022. Ghibli is the second in a series of three bespoke design to meet the latest requirements and customer needs. By early 2023 Chemgas expects to complete this trilogy of high-spec tankers with the commissioning of the tanker Gust.

To further enhance its customer service in transporting chemical and industrial gases, Chemgas recently decided to purchase four existing, modern 3300m3 semi refrigerated LPG tankers from Italian owner Gas&Heat. Until now Chemgas was only active in the pressurized LPG market. With the acquisition of these four semi refrigerated vessels however, new opportunities for Chemgas in the semi refrigerated market can be exploited and will make it possible to even better service its existing customers. The vessels form a perfect addition to the existing fleet of LPG tankers that Chemgas currently owns and operates. Click here for the entire message and more information.