“We are always looking for great ways to develop and raise up our people”


Safety first is paramount with everything we do at Chemgas. Our vessels are well maintained, the newest additions are equipped according to the latest techniques and all vessels are being operated to the latest standard in terms of safety. This alone, however, does not suffice. Also our employees have a crucial role in Chemgas being able to guarantee safety.

The safety awareness within our organization is high. Safety of people and the environment comes first, we all realise that. Our safety policy is deeply rooted into our organization and it is being supported by everyone working with Chemgas. We see to it that everyone takes its responsibilities in this respect. The importance of being compliant to laws and regulations and the adherence to our own safety rules is known to all employees within the company.

Our employees have the proper knowledge and skills to perform their duties. By offering training and education, we promote safety on board of our vessels. We also provide all necessary safety tools and we encourage our people to share experiences amongst each other. Our ultimate goal is to exclude any personal injury and to protect our environment.


As a carrier of petrochemical gases, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the society and the environment. Our employees and clients can trust that safety for people and the environment is our main priority. We have stringent quality and safety standards to prevent dangerous situations and incidents. Our guidelines are subject to both internal and external audits. Our performance is constantly monitored and, if necessary, improved.


In order to guarantee the highest achievable quality we make use of our integrated quality management system. This system specifies in detail our business processes and provides procedures and work instructions. To safeguard our quality, we structurally conduct internal audits. We are also externally audited by certification bodies and our clients. We examine the currency and practicability of our procedures and work instructions and adjust them if deemed necessary.


As a specialized company in the transportation of dangerous substances, Chemgas is certified according to international standards and we meet the requirements laid down in NEN-ISO 9001: 2015, Environment ISO 14001, EN 12798 (the standard with regard to the safety of transport of dangerous goods over the inland waterways), IMO Resolution A.647 (16), as expressed in the Bureau Veritas directive on Ship Management Certification, ISM Code A.741 (18), ISPS code, ADN and the Dutch Working Conditions Act.